Customer-specific solutions

IPL has developed, produced and supplied a wide variety of customer-specific solutions for more than 80 years. We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of open transmission elements and we supply components to industry at the global level – primarily to automotive, agricultural machinery and food producing companies.

We specialise in producing complex component parts for our customers. Working closely with the customer, we produce a turnkey solution. We produce all the component parts ourselves and then we coat, fit and deliver the products as agreed. In this way we add value to the solution before it is dispatched to our customer and becomes an integral part of new machinery.

At IPL we exploit the synergies that result from close cooperation between a foundry and our own machine factory with state-of-the-art CNC tools, our own coating department and our own fitting department, which brings everything together to create the perfect solution. We are certified in accordance with all relevant industrial standards and all our finished solutions are stamped with the IPL crown logo as an additional guarantee for high quality in the value chain


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