Quality assurance & environmental issues

Focus on quality

We believe that quality is all about supplying solutions that meet the customer's expectations. Where cooperation is concerned, quality is all about fulfilling your wishes and meeting your needs and expectations. At IPL we do our utmost to achieve this. We document every facet of our work throughout the manufacturing process and we ensure that our solutions provide real added value.

Our customer-specific solutions meet a number of quality standards. For example, we work to the very stringent automotive industry requirements in IATF 16949. We assure the quality of every link in the value chain – from process development via manufacturing processes to product delivery.

Quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process from incoming goods controls to the operator's process control measures and the final inspection in our calibration room, which is equipped with the latest measurement devices. We also encourage our customers to play an active part in product development and maturation to ensure than we provide the best possible quality in every phase.

We have environmental certificates in accordance with ISO 14001, which means that significant environmental impacts are prioritised and handled responsibly, thus meeting all official requirements.

And, last by no means least: We take pride in our work. We vouch for the quality of our work and stamp all our products with our iconic IPL crown logo. 

Environmental policy

Environmental Responsibility (Policy)

IPL Group’s activities are characterized by the efficient use of water, raw materials and other natural resources. Waste products are to a large extent recovered in an efficient manner.


 IPL Group has a holistic view of the environment which guides both product development work and the choice of materials, logistics, product function and final recycling.

Environmental objective

We are responsible for:

  • Working with ongoing improvements, preventive as well as systematic with regards to the environment.
  • The products are developed to replace the use of fossil fuels, and in our own production we work continuously to substitute fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly energy sources.
  • Educating and informing employees on environmental matters and involving them in our quest for continuous improvement.
  • Comfortably abiding with and where possible surpassing environmental legislation.
  • Minimizing waste and discharge from production plants and other activities.
  • The prevention of accidents, uncontrolled emissions and exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Offering high quality energy efficient products and solutions that contribute to reduced climatic impact.
  • Complying with environmental aspects and social responsibility when we choose suppliers, contractors and logistics partners.
  • To receive discarded products from customers for recycling


Through risk analyses, education and other preventive measures, we ensure that employees perform their tasks in a safe and healthy manner. IPL Group documents our development in the area of sustainability openly and objectively. To inspire our employees to protect the external environment by creating “almost harm” and thereby preventing environmental accidents.


Environmental Targets

PL Group works with ongoing improvements, preventive as well as systematic within the field of the environment and sets high but achievable targets for the area.


10% reduction of Gas Consumption. IPLs target is to reduce the gas consumption with 10% pr. year, by changing energy source fro gas to electriticy in the degreasing process.


10 % reduction of secondary electricy consumption. IPLs target is to reduce the secondary electricity consumption with 10% pr. year, by implementing automatic on / off functions on equipment that is not in use .


80 % recycling.IPLs target is to recycle 80% of the total quantity of waste by educating and informing employees and continually searching for opportunities for the recycling of waste.


Use 99% recycled metal. Ferrodans target is that will recycle scrap metal in the foundry and has a goal that own waste in the company must be recyclable by 99%.

Cusormer complaints - RMA:

Claim notification is sent to IPL quality: quality@ipl.dk

The complaint will be created in our system within 24 hours, after which a unique complaint number will be sent, which should be referred to in the subsequent correspondence.

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